Our team member Caryn Schuit’s wedding is right around the corner. We’re excited for her big day and know she’ll make a beautiful bride! Through her planning process, we’ve learned that traditional wedding registries are becoming outdated for couples who have been living together for a long time. Cash is king, however asking for cash isn’t always etiquette friendly. Thankfully, The Knot has created The Newlywed Fund, a digital cash registry that allows couples to ask for cash in a more meaningful way!

Looking to pad your account for your down payment? The Newlywed Fund allows you to set up a digital registry where you can ask for cash funds towards your specific desire (i.e. remodeling your kitchen, honeymoon fund, down payment, etc.). Simply create your account, name your fund, and add a note as to why your fund is important to you! Then link your bank account so that your guests’ contribution is transferred directly to your account.

Can my loan officer document the funds for my down payment?

Yes! Along with your marriage license and copies of your bank statements, these documented funds can be put towards the purchase of your first home as newlyweds!

Visit https://www.theknot.com/content/cash-registry-the-newlywed-fund for more information on The Newlywed Fund!